Attention to details, selection of hight quality materials, handcrafted manufacturing, precision and conscientiousness towards every single model: these are the keys which identify the brand Green George worldwide.

Step 01


The oldest manufacturing tradition blends with the contemporary creativity, creating exclusive and top range collections which represent the best of craftsmanship and modern fashion.

Step 02


The concept department creates and realizes with passion and extraordinary manual skills laced shoes, double monk and moccasins with classic british taste but deeply based on genuine Italian style, always updated to the latest fashion trends.

Step 03


The Green George products’ uniqueness is connected to the combination of different top quality elements: first, the ultralight soles both in leather and rubber and the careful selection of leathers. The processing techniques “IDEAL”, “BLAKE” and “BLAKE RAPID” realized by entire generations of expert shoemakers are the real marks of Green George’s style and know-how.

Step 04

Attention to details

Green George shoes show up as unique creations realized in genuine leather for real experts. This range of quality relies upon focus on production processes but also on attention to details. Every single characteristic of the shoe is carefully analyzed and redefined with the aim to create unique products, rarely equaled somewhere else in the world.