Product’s Care

An appropriate care allows a durable life of your shoes. It’s necessary to execute a sequence of essential steps, a sort of ritual which permits to mantain your shoes always in good conditions. Before to start, make sure to be in an aired zone.

Step 01


A regular cleaning prevents dirt, creams and resins which can cause leather’s suffocation and consequently its break. A regular cleaning allows the transpiration of leather, necessary for its softness, elasticity and hydration. If the shoes are wet, we recommend to let them dry naturally to avoid damages on leather.

Step 02


To remove potential dirt, we recommend to use a saddle soap or a cleaning soap suitable for shoes in plain leather. Let the products dry on air for a couple of minutes and then gently brush them with a soft cotton cloth, better if you can use a specific fabric for shoes.

Step 03


To soften means to moisturize the leather of your shoes to avoid that the leather could become dry and skratch in the future. It is recommended to use a natural product, that is directly absorbed by the hide, in comparison to one synthetic that remains on the surface.

Step 04


We recommend to use a shoe polish to maintain a thin layer of shine on your shoes. The cream also helps to nourish and protect the flush stiches. We recommend a weekly treatment. To treat suede shoes, use an ordinary cloth brush to increase shininess.