For the elegant gentlemen, a men’s night out with cigars and whisky

Cigars and whiskeys are a great combination. Historically, in fact, many men have enjoyed the pleasures of a good cigar while sipping brandy or whiskey in the evening. A blend appreciated by the sophisticated gentleman, who usually chooses to wear a tuxedo jacket or a traditional long coat.

You can imagine it while sipping a good port or a whiskey, to be precise, reading a book or enjoying the pleasures of a good cigar.
Over the years, the figure of the gentleman has evolved, just as the smoking jacket has changed its role and style. To enrich a look with slightly retro tones, a selection of refined, crafted, refined, mostly laced or slip-on men’s shoes is added.

There are many styles of jackets that today are often called “smoking jackets”. However, the classic jacket is of medium length, presumably in velvet, with a quilted satin collar, turned-up cuffs and a velvet belt, often adorned with tassels at the ends. A high-quality suede slip-on, for example, can be combined with a garment of similar tones. A shoe decorated with double buckle or fringes, which enrich your outfit with details.