Green George’s shoes respect the standards of the 100% Made in Italy certification and suit the needs of experienced buyers. Artisanal techniques guarantee a high level of comfort and durability.

Step 01


Inspired by British taste, Green George’s style is elegant and classy, made of few elements masterfully matched to each other.

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The study of shapes and the choice of materials guarantee both elegance and comfort. Every detail helps to create outstanding and long-lasting shoes.

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Green George’s craftsmanship tradition lives in the techniques handed down for centuries by master shoemakers. Blake and Blake-Rapid increase flexibility, resistance, and waterproofness. Ideal provides special comfort and softness. The Stonewash technique reflects the brand’s attention to new trends.

Step 04

Attention to details

As in British style shoes, the added-value is in the natural imperfections due to the entirely handmade processing. The company is proud to offer unique and sophisticated footwear, that meets the needs of expert and tasteful customers.