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Factory Store

Scopri le nostre calzature artigianali direttamente nel factory store: stile inglese, 100% Made in Italy.

MICAM 2021

Come and visit us at Micam, from September 19th to 21st at Fiera Milano (Rho), hall 1, stand D19.
Discover the 2022 Spring Summer collection.

Pitti 2021

Come and visit us at Pitti Immagine Uomo (Florence), from June 30th to July 2nd, padiglione centrale, piano inferiore, stand V/6.

Discover the new Spring Summer 2022 collection.

MICAM 2020

We’ll meet you at Micam (Milano), from 16th to 19th February 2020 pavillon 1, stand 19.
Come to discover our new Green George collection Fall Winter 2020/21.


We’ll meet you at Pitti 97 (Florence), from 7th to 10th January 2020 “Altro Uomo”, “Arsenale Ground Floor”, Stand 12.
Come to discover our new Green George collection Fall Winter 2020/21.

Happy Stylish Holidays

It doesn’t matter whatever you find under the Christmas tree, the most important thing is that must be Green George

MICAM 2019

We’ll meet you at Micam (Milano), from 15th to 18th September 2019 pavillon 4, booth l27-l29.
Come to discover our new Green George collection Spring Summer 2020.

The summer 2019 of Filippo Lombardo influencer

The fashion influencer Filippo Lombardo, who boasts a following of over 500 thousand followers on his Instagram account, spent his holidays on the enchanting Amalfi Coast; for the occasion he posted some photos on his profile that portray him in the company of a pair of Green George suede moccasins. The inevitable accessories of his wardrobe, the brown suede moccasins are the perfect element for a look that recalls the sea and, in particular, the boat.

“Welcome to #AMALFICOAST!” So writes the fashion blogger Filippo Lombardo in the caption of his post, in which he poses wearing light moccasins, made of soft leather. The iconic model of the brand, the Green George moccasin can be combined with your own outfits both in summer and winter: a real must-have for every season. The first time that the Calabrian fashion influencer wore this product dates back to last February 2019, during the Milan Fashion Week.

Filippo Lombardo, a fashion influencer who boasts a profile of over 500,000 followers, sported a pair of Green George suede loafers for Milan Fashion Week. Born in 1993, he is an Italian fashion blogger born in Reggio Calabria. Despite his Calabrian origins, however, he spent his childhood and adolescence in Emilia Romagna, in Ferrara. His career as an influencer arrives with time and sacrifices, with a debut as a model and collaborations with some fashion agencies.

The best men’s looks of 2019, according to GQ UK

The 50 best men’s looks of 2019, according to the English edition of GQ, range from Prince William to former footballer David Beckham, from artist Blondey McCoy to actor Riz Ahmed. How was this ranking drawn up by the director Dylan Jones? The choice was mainly based on the concept of style, therefore according to a purely subjective logic. Entitled “50 Best-Dressed Men In The World” the ranking sees in the top 50 list some characters and influencers who prefer a formal, classic style, preferably tending to the muted shades of blue and gray. Then follow all those who have shown a certain sense of audacity in the combination and use of colors. Extravagant shades and flashy fantasies have thus become synonymous with “well dressed”. But one thing has emerged and inextricably mega all these looks: the ability of men to choose their own looks without exaggerating, on the contrary showing an impeccable taste. Sartorial cuts but also vintage references to the Seventies … let’s discover them together!

Pitti Immagine (11th-14th June) Collection SS 2020

We’ll meet you at PITTI IMMAGINI (Firenze), from 11th to 14th June 2019.
Come to discover our new Green George collection Spring Summer 2020.

White party, casual with style

Choosing the right clothing for summer white parties is not complicated. All you have to do is wear comfortable accessories but keep up with the latest trends. To do this, try wearing a pair of white jeans. Once you have chosen this first piece of your total white outfit, you will be able to create a coordinated full-outfit, perhaps drawing on other accessories in your wardrobe. For example, a white t-shirt and a pair of white leather moccasins, which are well suited to casual white trousers. If the weather is not the best, add a white jacket to your look to complete the outfit.

For the elegant gentlemen, a men’s night out with cigars and whisky

Cigars and whiskeys are a great combination. Historically, in fact, many men have enjoyed the pleasures of a good cigar while sipping brandy or whiskey in the evening. A blend appreciated by the sophisticated gentleman, who usually chooses to wear a tuxedo jacket or a traditional long coat.

Style and handcrafting

You can understand a lot about a man from what he chooses to wear, especially if he is a lover of style and craftsmanship. Green George, Made in Italy footwear brand, focuses on unique and distinctive details, makes the handicraft product its strong point, selects the best in terms of quality and manufacture and proposes a collection with an almost sartorial imprint, able to make highlight the originality and personality of the wearer.

Filippo Lombardo at Milano Fashion Week with Green George moccasins

Filippo Lombardo, a fashion influencer with a profile of over 500,000 followers, sported a pair of Green George suede loafers for Milan Fashion Week.

Valentine’s Day, in addition to the gift, think about your look!

For people in love, Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to celebrate a (first) important date or simply to celebrate their relationship. Make this moment special with a look that knows how to surprise, intensify your style game. To begin with, choose carefully what to wear, leave nothing to chance.

Pitti Immagine (8th-11th January) Collection FW 2019

We’ll meet you at PITTI IMMAGINI (Firenze), from 8th to 11th January 2019.
Come to discover our new Green George collection Fall Winter 2019.
Save the date.

Pavillon Arsenale • Ground Floor • Booth 12

Mountain Style

Timeless and classic but renewed in shapes and colors: the mood of the new Fall Winter 2018-19 collection of the Green George brand embraces the mountain style.

The new collection

Impeccable models in their perfect craftsmanship become the best compendium for a sartorial taste look even in the most casual appeal, for a connoisseur that does not renounce an elegant and refined allure even with the most rigid temperatures.

Panorama director Giorgio Mulè wears Green George

Giorgio Mulè poses in the company of a pair of Green George black lace-ups, in a moment of relaxation from the institutional appointments that involve him every day. Formal shoes for the former director of Panorama, therefore, in a black version of the iconic models of the brand, which perfectly matches the blue dress by Mulè.