Style and handcrafting

You can understand a lot about a man from what he chooses to wear, especially if he is a lover of style and craftsmanship. Green George, Made in Italy footwear brand, focuses on unique and distinctive details, makes the handicraft product its strong point, selects the best in terms of quality and manufacture and proposes a collection with an almost sartorial imprint, able to make highlight the originality and personality of the wearer.

An evolution of elegance that draws inspiration from a new vision of contemporary, contemporary fashion, in which the modern protagonist passes swiftly from businessman to sport style, from the informal look of free time to the extreme lux of special occasions, looking for the ‘right accessory, particular and personal able to tell something about himself.

Fashion, lifestyle and innovation are connected with the oldest footwear tradition, where skilled craftsmen meticulously research the perfection of execution, to offer a product of all-Italian excellence. An art that can be learned only in the shop, with passion, patience, professionalism and fine craftsmanship.