The best men’s looks of 2019, according to GQ UK

The 50 best men’s looks of 2019, according to the English edition of GQ, range from Prince William to former footballer David Beckham, from artist Blondey McCoy to actor Riz Ahmed. How was this ranking drawn up by the director Dylan Jones? The choice was mainly based on the concept of style, therefore according to a purely subjective logic. Entitled “50 Best-Dressed Men In The World” the ranking sees in the top 50 list some characters and influencers who prefer a formal, classic style, preferably tending to the muted shades of blue and gray. Then follow all those who have shown a certain sense of audacity in the combination and use of colors. Extravagant shades and flashy fantasies have thus become synonymous with “well dressed”. But one thing has emerged and inextricably mega all these looks: the ability of men to choose their own looks without exaggerating, on the contrary showing an impeccable taste. Sartorial cuts but also vintage references to the Seventies … let’s discover them together!

Blondey McCoy

The slasher archetype of Gen. Z, Blondey McCoy has hit the collective consciousness of fashion thanks to its latest campaign (as a “poster boy”!) For a famous fashion house. What is most appreciated by McCoy is his extraordinary ability to apply the concept of “fashion” to every aspect of his everyday life, be it a robe worn at home, or a scarf with a Scottish pattern or even a pair of trousers floral.
For him, we thought of a Maremma Slip-on Black Leather Fund (art. 7073) of the Slender line. The black Maremma calfskin slip-on is the ideal model to give a touch of sophistication to a casual style. It is aimed at the man who loves the classic slip-on and at the same time selects refined, high quality models. The shoe is decorated with a double buckle.

Photo credits: Blondey instagram account

Eddie Redmayne

Fans of Eddie Redmayne are probably also fans of tailoring. In recent years, the actor has on several occasions shown a formal style, which has become a bit his signature on the occasion of the most important events (cinema and not!). A sophisticated look, not at all left to chance, where classicism blends with the details of the tailoring, showing a classy, ​​elegant, charming, proud man.
For him, the Lacquered Polished Black Leather Fund (art. 6055) of the Wesley line could be the ideal solution. The black oxfords in bull leather (polished) is the Green George model perfect for more formal occasions. The linear design and the glossy black color make it the ideal product for the man looking for a shoe for special occasions. The inner lining is in calf leather, known for its preciousness and breathability.

Photo credits: instagram

Riz Ahmed

The actor Riz Ahmed, also known as Riz MC, is known for his experiments in terms of “style”, not only with regards to his looks but also his appearance: for example, grungy discolored blond hair is remembered . Of him, however, he mostly remembers the infinite gallery of classic designer clothes, mostly dark, that make him one of the most fascinating men in the cinematographic field.
For him, we thought of an eccentric model: the Maremma Black Laced Leather Fund (art. 1022) of the Old Soft line. The oxfords in calf leather from Maremma is the perfect shoe for the most formal occasions. Calf leather makes this accessory soft, resistant and almost unchanged over time.

Photo credits: Riz Ahmed instagram account