The summer 2019 of Filippo Lombardo influencer

The fashion influencer Filippo Lombardo, who boasts a following of over 500 thousand followers on his Instagram account, spent his holidays on the enchanting Amalfi Coast; for the occasion he posted some photos on his profile that portray him in the company of a pair of Green George suede moccasins. The inevitable accessories of his wardrobe, the brown suede moccasins are the perfect element for a look that recalls the sea and, in particular, the boat.

“Welcome to #AMALFICOAST!” So writes the fashion blogger Filippo Lombardo in the caption of his post, in which he poses wearing light moccasins, made of soft leather. The iconic model of the brand, the Green George moccasin can be combined with your own outfits both in summer and winter: a real must-have for every season. The first time that the Calabrian fashion influencer wore this product dates back to last February 2019, during the Milan Fashion Week.

Filippo Lombardo, a fashion influencer who boasts a profile of over 500,000 followers, sported a pair of Green George suede loafers for Milan Fashion Week. Born in 1993, he is an Italian fashion blogger born in Reggio Calabria. Despite his Calabrian origins, however, he spent his childhood and adolescence in Emilia Romagna, in Ferrara. His career as an influencer arrives with time and sacrifices, with a debut as a model and collaborations with some fashion agencies.